Networking : Break into the hidden job market

Networking is the path to take the opportunities and get a new job, above all, if you are willing to start a new life abroad. According to Forbes, up to 80% of hires are from the hidden job market: those millions available positions concealed. Most of the people consider network as complete mystery set aside for many reasons such as timidity and discomfort. Those who are not familiar with it don’t see any interest in this approach. But the questions you have to wonder are what is the concrete added-value and how to build a strong network?


What are the benefits you can exploit from networking?

Meeting up people is the best way to introduce yourself, showing your potential and be more visible. This will may enable you to obtain the job that’s perfectly matches you.

There are two main reasons of why networking is one of the most effective means to land a job.

The first one is by having conversation with new people you will get some fresher and more relevant information than all the ones you can get on internet. Also, it’s a great opportunity to receive a feedback on personal and professional experience which could bring you a better awareness of the work environment you focus on.

The second one is for the recruitment; HR department is a real barrier sometimes if your profile does not fit perfectly in the available position and is even more sceptical when it comes to hire foreign people. Using your network will helps you to know what skills you have to put forward and directly deal with decision-makers.


How to create and foster your network?

Build up a great network is a time-consuming and demanding task. But here is some advice to help you develop it.

You have to be:

  •     Confident. Put aside your shyness then dare approach new people. Learn how to present yourself in a really short time will help you to introduce yourself and overcome your timidity.
  •     On the lookout. Everyone you meet can give you good advice and an interesting feedback.
  •     Without network blinders. Functional or industry blinders can curb the creation of your network.
  •     Organized. Rank people by degree of importance in order to manage your time and schedule your meetings.
  •     Aware that the network is not geared unilaterally. The more you give the more you get.
  •     Connected. Even if an online presence is less efficient than a flesh and blood one, LinkedIn and other social network must not be forgotten.

Nothing is acquired, the same is true for the network. To build a significant long-term network be patient is the most important tip we can give you. This is a long process that can take many years.

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