photo of peter : former customer of all1kl asia career management


Maintenance Manager

My wife got a new job offer in Malaysia. Then I received a dependent visa and started to apply for job before arriving. The jobs I applied for were well in my skill range and, over time at reduced salary levels. Didn’t obtained a single interview.


photo of olivier : former customer of all1kl asia career management


Mechanical Engineer

During my last job search, All1KL was key to my successful career evolution. Firstly, the assistance to tailor my resume made my profile sharper, more convincing and more pertinent to jobs I was applying for. And thanks to All1KL network and connection, my visibility on the market was increased and I was put in contact with the right influent persons in the companies I targeted.

Thanks All1KL!

photo of andrew : former customer of all1kl asia career management


Manager in the Machinery Industry

I arrived in Malaysia through an international assignment with a company operating in the steel industry. Then I got a 2-year work permit that I could renew 2 times. However after 5 years of employment, my company headquarter invited me to go back to Latin America with my family. 


photo of ivan and natalia : former customers of all1kl asia career management

Ivan & Natalia

Sales Manager & Supply Chain Manager

We finished our studies in Russia and decided we wanted to achieve our dream of living in a new host country. So, we left Russia with 2 pieces of luggage, our diplomas and the huge motivation to get a new job in Malaysia.





In France, I was a media specialist who had quite a efficient planning and a clear strategy for my entrepreneurial project in communication but I wanted to begin anew abroad.