Who are the European looking for a job in Malaysia?

“Malaysia and its Europeans”

International mobility is increasing. Similarly the Europeans are more and more involved in this trend. They look for new destinations likewise Malaysia.
Certainly Malaysia benefits a growing reputation in an dynamic job market represented traditionally in Asia by China, Singapore and Hong-Kong.

So who are the European interested in starting or improving their professional profile there ?

The Adventurers

Above all the 25-30 years men or women generally single are attracted by the economic growth of Malaysia and its lifestyle. They must look for a first experience in Asia through a country where the adaptation is easy. They must also try to extand their career path started initially in China or in less developed ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Cambodia.

The expatriates

Strongly linked with Malaysia to family reasons, numbers of Europeans would like to stay in the country. Most of them – at the end of an expatriation assignment – are keen to abandon their expatriate status to pursue their working and living experience in Malaysia. Therefore they tend to search for a local contract through a foreign or national company. Then the Resident Pass (delivered by TalentCorp since April 2011) or the Spouse visa (expatriate married to a Malaysian national) holders are the first ones to benefit a local job.
Similarly 60-75% of the VIE/VIA (Volunteers in International Business/Administration) are keen to stay in Malaysia. 20-25% managed to stay in the same company. While the others start an active job search promoting their knowledge of the country and its markets.

The trailing spouses

More and more men join their wife in a move abroad. They represent over 12% of the total trailing spouses and have clear professional targets. The trailing spouses without children are usually active in their job search and get a position within 6 months after thier arrival. In contrast to this, women particularly those with young children, might face more challenges. For the reason that they want to conciliate their family life with professional objectives. Indeed Malaysian companies grant 14 paid leaves every year and do not offer part time job to foreigners.

Students or graduates

Many Europeans get an internship in Malaysia to put forward a first international experience, a requirement for certification. The various Chambers of Commerce in Europe are usually cooperative with these profiles by introducing them to their members based in Malaysia. Due to their age below 25,
only 5% of the trainees in their final year of studies, obtain employment at the end of their internship.

People looking for job from overseas

They heard echoes or testimonials from friends or neighbors feedbacks, seen images or reports, read blogs or articles and wish to settle in Malaysia to find another job. Such a job they lack in their own country or to change their lives. They undertake their research via Internet sending their applications to companies based locally or to the Embassies and other European institutions. Among these candidates very few are ready to cope with the cost of prospecting trips, their immediate availability, their inability to resign without any confirmed role in Malaysia. Finally their lack of knowledge of the country, their language skills as well as their family constraints are also serious hurdles.

Therefore both employment opportunities for Europeans and the factors for success are real in Malaysia. First build a strong professional positioning. Promote also your own profile to your network. Then adapt to the local labor market (schedule, financial package, restrictions to some positions…). Know the market trends and the companies needs, and last but not least believe in your project.

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